€34m – Canada 24’000 km2 land – 3 Countryside Properties for sale (Size of Israel 20,770km² )

Listing ID: ID-59856
Plot Size: 24000 000 m²
March 14, 2018

Canada 24’000 km2 land – 3 Countryside Properties for sale

That is 12’000 times Monaco (Monte Carlo).
To compare
Size of Israel 20,770km²
Size of Belgium 30,528km²

Owner wants to have 34’000’000 Euros for it. So that is only 0.001 Euro per m2.

The two big properties are intended as hunting areas, but could also be used for other purposes. The third property which is way smaller, 16’000m2, is a water Aerodrome, which is also registered in the Canadian Aviation Booklet, you could use it as Living space, since it is directly at a huge lake, where the salmon run is, or you could also use it as a repair shop for aeroplanes and make good money with it, since it is on the flying route to Alaska

You can make good money with all three properties.

Hunting areas could also be used for other purposes, like adventure holidays, burn out clinic etc.

You could ,make at least 10% interest per year regarding the sales price from her point of view.

Tthe properties might increase in price in the next few years, since there are not so many big properties anymore. If all three properties are sold to one party, owner will give the company as a gift

All the belongings like two aeroplanes, machinery etc. are included in the price

34’000’000 Euros for these 3 properties is a fair price.

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