Puerto Banus Block of Apartments with commercial locals for sale

Listing ID: ID-53975
Plot Size: 3078 m²
Built in: 1984
March 23, 2017


Puerto Banús
Beds 36
Baths 36
Built 5,236 m²
Total Size 5,700 m²
Garden/Plot 3,100 m²
Floor 6
Completion 1984


A complete apartment complex near the Casino in Puerto Banus consisting of 17 apartments with very good sized private terraces (3008 m2), including 2 very large penthouse duplexes with private plunge pools, 3 commercial units (712 m2), and underground parking for 21 cars. Gated with communal swimming pool and close walking distance to the beach and all amenities. All the apartments are notably spacious, with large part covered terraces. The two penthouses are huge (300m2 + large terraces) and in good condition, while the 15 apartments are in need of renovation.


Built Area

17 Apt’s: 3193m2 (Including 2 Penthouses)

9 x 2 Bedrooms

4 x 1 Bedroom

1 x 3 Bedroom

1 x 4 Bedroom

2 x Penthouses (4&3 Bedrooms)

Parking: 1028m2

3 Locals: 444m2

Terrace’s: 464m2

Total Constructed: 5129m2

Land: 3100m2 Including water well


The land  has its own well which provides all the water for the complex, and solar for water heating. An ideal site for an apart-hotel or luxury renovation project for resale or rental investment.


Qualification for 100% commercial ( possibilities to convert in Apart-hotel, 50% residential % commercial ( local commercials for rent and exploitation, and the apartments can be sold individually, or 100% residential. the property need a renovation and reform

Office Nº1 76,86m2 ——— 76,86m2
Office Nº2 47,08m2 ——— 47,08m2
Restaurant 319,82m2 268,20m2 588,02m2
Communal area 195,69m2


Clase Urbano
Año construcción 1984
Parcela con varios inmuebles (division horizontal)
Localización MARBELLA (MÁLAGA)
Superficie gráfica 3.078 m2

Units apartments, garages and commercial

4200101UF2440S0001RL  Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:01
4200101UF2440S0002TB 12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:02
4200101UF2440S0003YZ 12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:03
4200101UF2440S0004UX  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:04
4200101UF2440S0005IM 12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:05
4200101UF2440S0006OQ  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:06
4200101UF2440S0007PW  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:07
4200101UF2440S0008AE 12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:08
4200101UF2440S0009SR 12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:09
4200101UF2440S0010PW  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:10
4200101UF2440S0011AE  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:11
4200101UF2440S0012SR  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:12
4200101UF2440S0013DT  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:13
4200101UF2440S0014FY  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:14
4200101UF2440S0015GU  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:15
4200101UF2440S0016HI  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:16
4200101UF2440S0017JO  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:17
4200101UF2440S0018KP  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:18
4200101UF2440S0019LA  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:19
4200101UF2440S0020JO  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:20
4200101UF2440S0021KP  12 Es:1 Pl:-1 Pt:21
4200101UF2440S0022LA  12 Es:1 Pl:00 Pt:01
4200101UF2440S0023BS  12 Es:1 Pl:00 Pt:02
4200101UF2440S0024ZD  12 Es:1 Pl:00 Pt:03
4200101UF2440S0025XF  12 Es:B Pl:00 Pt:B4
4200101UF2440S0026MG  12 Es:B Pl:00 Pt:B3
4200101UF2440S0027QH 12 Es:B Pl:00 Pt:02
4200101UF2440S0028WJ  12 Es:B Pl:00 Pt:B1
4200101UF2440S0029EK  12 Es:A Pl:01 Pt:11
4200101UF2440S0030QH 12 Es:A Pl:01 Pt:12
4200101UF2440S0031WJ  12 Es:B Pl:01 Pt:11
4200101UF2440S0032EK  12 Es:B Pl:01 Pt:12
4200101UF2440S0033RL  12 Es:C Pl:01 Pt:11
4200101UF2440S0034TB 12 Es:C Pl:01 Pt:12
4200101UF2440S0035YZ  12 Es:A Pl:02 Pt:21
4200101UF2440S0036UX  12 Es:A Pl:02 Pt:22
4200101UF2440S0037IM  12 Es:B Pl:02 Pt:21
4200101UF2440S0038OQ 12 Es:B Pl:02 Pt:22
4200101UF2440S0039PW  12 Es:C Pl:02 Pt:21
4200101UF2440S0040IM  12 Es:C Pl:02 Pt:22
4200101UF2440S0041OQ  12 Es:B Pl:03 Pt:31
4200101UF2440S0042PW  12 Es:B Pl:03 Pt:32
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