Villa on 11000m2 commercial land for sale San Pedro

Listing ID: ID-26399
Plot Size: 9400 m²
Living Area: 450 m²
August 7, 2014
“Unique villa 4 bedroom home or investment property together with very valuable commercial land within the approved Marbella 2010 PGOU town plan. Now reduced from 1,750,000
Land Specification
Registered land 10,820 m²
Actual land 11,000 m²
Possible segregation after approval of plan partial.
Villa plot 2,500 m²
Equipamientos 1,923 m² ceded for proposed Nursery – compensated
Road infrastructure 1,377 m² ceded – compensated
Small development plot 700 m² build unknown
Large development plot 4,500 m² build 4,200 m² two storey, any commercial use
Total 11,000 m²
A new owner may segregate the land on approval of the plan partial as above indicated . The owner will receive valuable compensation for the areas ceded by ownership within UE 1 proposed for large distribution warehouse. The value of a commercial site of the larger plot is calculated at between 1.5 and 2 million euros. Whilst there is low demand for industrial units in these crisis times, the site is totally separated from the Industrial Estate in a favorable quiet location, easy accessible, and with easy parking facilities. Attractive for out of town offices , residential home, clinic in a peaceful location with great views. The owner of UE 1 is shortly to submit his project as the Plan Partial for the Sector. Large distribution warehouses for a client. Estimated nett value within several years of villa and plots in the region of 2.4to 2.7 million euros.
URBAN LAND USE NO CONSOLIDATED .AREA RESIDENTIAL IDENTIFICATION OF THE ACTION sunc-SP-7 INDUSTRIAL ESTATE EXPANSION SAN PEDRO MANAGEMENT OBJECTIVES AND CRITERIOS Relevant urban vacant located north of San Pedro de Alcantara, between the Industrial Park, currently under development, and the suburbs of El Gamonal and El Salto. The aim of the ordination of this sector, in position of optimal accessibility from the road to Ronda, is the expansion of the current Industrial Estate as a strategy for strengthening activities and generating productive jobs that exist in this area of ​​Marbella. The detailed planning of this area should resolve the cohabitation with the adjoining residential areas by locating an open space as a green corridor on the border with them. Likewise, the strategy was the location of the area of equipamiento will be placed on the boundary with the village of El Salto, thus reducing the potential impacts resulting from the activity and contributing to the improvement dotacional this area of the city. The Plan will recognize and integrate the existing homes, it being unable to increase their number . The distribution of other building to be objectives and detailed between uses listed in Article 10.1.14 of the Rules. Being a new sector of urbanization, the be financing of costs to be as provided in Article 10.3.5 of the Rules section f.
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